5 Reasons Why You Should Join Pehchaan The Street School

Posted by pehchaanstreetschoolorg on July 25, 2019Edit Right now, everyone wants to volunteer or intern with an NGO. India has a significantly high number of non-governmental organizations, with a total number of 31 lakh registered NGOs operating, which boils down to approximately one NGO per 600 people. With so many NGOs catering to different sections […]

Pehchaan Ki Eid

“In every religion there is love, yet love has no religion.” – Rumi It is true that love knows no barriers, and when it comes to showering affection on our family of almost five hundred children, we celebrate each festival with a smile. Pehchaan The Street School has dedicated itself to fulfilling children’s academic necessities […]

Why did I decide to work with Pehchaan The Street School?

I recently undertook a primary survey across slum areas to ascertain the number of children going to school. I had the pleasure of meeting Laxmi, who was enrolled in grade 7. She had four siblings and her parents were household workers with a meagre income. Laxmi was the oldest sister and worked part-time as a […]

Why I Work With Pehchaan “The Street School”

Pehchaan The Street School is a platform where we can help underprivileged children who cannot afford education. This NGO promotes and provides free education to children residing in slum areas. Working with Pehchaan The Street School is an immense opportunity because you get a chance to know the real condition of those who do not […]

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