Architecture of the Identity

‘ Having children is not about reproduction-you are creating next generation of the people.This is a tremendous responsibility! ‘- Sadhguru

The saga that continues from generation to generation is the birth of children to carry forward the human race. Have we focused on the responsibility that comes along with the outcome? 


 A step in this direction is being taken in a slum region of Anna nagar near IP Metro Station, Delhi. This step is a revolutionary act towards taking responsibility for the education of future generations. It has been taken up by a group of working professionals and college students under Pehchaan.   

Pehchaan is not just a name, it is about the identity of our future India. It is our duty to impart education in order to make the future of these children bright such that they can become the leaders, directors, officers and social reformers who will finally take up the charge to revolutionize the world further. Hence, it is our responsibility to create a strong basic foundation for these kids.


Clay is best moulded when wet and not hardened. Pehchaan imparts education using games and fun such that the kids can grasp its essence easily. 

We believe in the bright future of each child; they are going to be pioneers of the majestic era that is sure to follow!

God bless!

By: Preksha Dwivedi

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