Pehchaan Ki Eid

“In every religion there is love, yet love has no religion.” – Rumi

It is true that love knows no barriers, and when it comes to showering affection and love to our family of almost five hundred children, we celebrate each festival with a smile and show equal empathy to all our students.

Pehchaan The Street School has dedicated itself towards fulfilling children’s academic necessities as well as celebrating every religious or non-religious festival without differences on discrimination on any societal parameters. After celebrating Diwali, Christmas and Holi, a simple question raised by a child amazed us all, “Bhaiya, hum agle hafte Eid manayenge na?” Yes, We were sure to celebrate Eid with the same vigor and enthusiasm like any other festival.

At Pehchaan The Street School, we Celebrated the festival of Eid-Ul-Fitr where the zeal and enthusiasm of kids transformed the ambiance and aura of the Centre. Each volunteer was brimming with joy during festive preparations which rejuvenated the school even during these hot days of summers. The children prepared not only colored charts to decorate our centre but also drew and-made greeting cards for Eid which would be given to devotees in Mosque as a token of love after their evening Namaaz.

Pehchaan The Street School is also a platform for these children to showcase their talent, and therefore, some of the the children showed their best dancing moves on varied Hindi and folk songs. Our volunteers and supporters also shared their immense love by providing eatables and stationery for all the children. Eid-Ul-Fitr is a unitary symbol of togetherness, love, and peace and at Pehchaan The Street School, we follow nothing but the most significant religion that ever existed on Earth – Humanity.  

By: Shivam Oheri

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