Why I Work With Pehchaan “The Street School”

Pehchaan The Street School is a platform where we can help underprivileged children who cannot afford education. This NGO promotes and provides free education to children residing in slum areas.
Working with Pehchaan The Street School is an immense opportunity because you get a chance to know the real condition of those who do not enjoy the privileges you do and help them.
Why I Work With Pehchaan "The Street School"
Lack of accessible education is a major problem in our country; a large number of our population is uneducated. Though numerous schemes have been implemented by the government, a formal education remains outside the reach of many. Willingness to study is upset by the scarcity of educational resources.

We need to take concrete steps today to improve the quality of education and move towards more tangible development. The change begins here. By associating with Pehchaan The Street School, we can help these children to gain the knowledge they deserve and help them in making a brighter future for themselves while also contributing towards making India a developed and literate country.

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