Making a Difference

“Those who educate children well are more to be honoured than they who produce them, for these only gave them life, those the art of living well” – Aristotle was wise to recognise the importance of both education and educators.

Making a difference - Pehchaan The Street School

It is dreadful to witness the plague of poverty each day on the streets and the contrasting life of those in the slums and those in comfortable homes. It is harder to enjoy luxuries such as a blanket and food on a cold winter night, knowing that somewhere, children are huddled together for warmth.

I have read inspiring stories of children who work to defy all odds against them and take any chance they get to turn their life around. I had the honour of witnessing Garima’s story. Her father was a coconut vendor and she helped in his stall. She had a passion for learning. I would often buy a coconut from her stall after my evening walk. I used to ask her constantly about her education in school and she expressed that she was facing some difficulties. I became invested because I knew that she was a bright girl. I came back the following day with some reading material. Garima instantly thanked me and taught herself everything she needed to know to keep up with school. A few months later, I went to buy a coconut but Garima was missing. That is when her father informed me that she had scored 96% in her board exams and was offered a scholarship to study in Delhi University. I was astonished and what struck me the most, was how a small opportunity, a small chance altered Garima’s life. While it is true that everyone is the master of their own destiny, not everyone is privileged by birth and therefore should be given every opportunity to build the life that they want for themselves.

Making a difference - Pehchaan The Street School


Pehchaan The Street School is working rigorously for the same goal. It is giving a chance to those who are trapped by the vicious cycle of poverty. Its dedicated efforts to empower children are awe-inspiring. It is a privilege to work with Pehchaan The Street School and to make a difference.


  • By : Manvi Jindal



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